Duinen’s Bane is a side project I have recently started, though it has been months in the development stage.  It still is. 

Disenwe (second row/left): A mixed heritage elf, whose Noldor ancestor has become dark, with a familial history of continuous, sometimes unexplained, deaths. He leads a company of warriors against his ancestor, Duinen, in the hopes that he might prevent another war, and more so another senseless massacre.

Celemel Mealethelion of Imladris(second row/center): Born into a Noldor noble family, and certainly not of a traditional elvish upbringing, Celemel leads a small band of Noldor warriors that roam Middle-Earth in search of straggler orc packs. She built this unit of elven soldiers as a form of final extermination after the last battle against Sauron and the destruction of the ring. Her heart is firm in all matters, much like her hand in skirmishes, and she hardly yields to the logic of another, lest it proves more sensible than her own.

Dahkezir (second row/right): A female dwarvish warlord recently occupying the mountains behind Isengard after the fall of Sauron. She surrounds herself with the company of dwarrowdams who know the way of battle, and leads excursions into the remains of Mordor frequently, if only to plunder abandoned treasures. 

Hahlasmir Dallephorion (third row/left): He was born into a noble family in Gondor, and has pledged his sword to Celemel of Imladris. Despite his mortal bearing, Hahlasmir has taken to the techniques of elvish warfare, and favors most their dual wielding.

Zhunlah Ki (third row/center): From Harad’s thick jungles she slowly migrated north, in company of two trained beasts. In her village, the women are beast masters, learning to speak the language of the large cats, among other animals, that share the tropics with them. Of her companions she commands a panther and a warg pup, the latter taken from an orc camp as an experimental test of skill. Thus far her efforts to train the warg have proven successful, though it still has an ingrained habit of expressing mildly aggressive distaste toward humans and elves.

Fallegor (third row/right):  Fallegor hails from a rather mixed bloodline, for his grandmother Nerellin is of Vanyar descent, his mother Unhestellin is Teleri, and grandfather Ergolin was Noldor. His father Celethel is a mix of Vanyar and Noldor. He takes great pride in his varied heritage, though it has been the source of jests during his youth. As a warrior he bears astounding skill with a wide range of weapons, but takes pleasure in singing and the study of Arda’s history. After Sauron’s defeat Fallegor travels to Imladris to meet his ancestral grandmother, Duinen, only to find she has succumbed to the evil in her heart and now serves as an unwilling thrall of her will.

Saalthagiin (fourth row/left): A powerful, but extremely passive, cold-drake roused from a deep slumber in his lair south-west of the Sea of Rhun by Duinen’s forces gathering in the north-east. Duinen has thrice approached him with great treasures to gain his allegiance, though he has denied her each time with growing irritation. He, unlike his other kin, remains unknown to most of Middle-Earth, and prefers this greatly, for he enjoys silence equally as much as his hoard. He was comparable to the size of Ancalagon the Black during the end of the First age and the beginning of the Second, but since then has dwindled in size due to his long respite. Within his lair dwells many glorious treasures, mostly composed of red gems and crystals. In his waking a terrible awareness set within him, more so toward Duinen than anything else, and in consequence he roams the vast Brown Lands restlessly. 

Duinen (fourth row/right): Duinen is one of the first ancestors of Disenwe’s Noldorian blood, and bears a terribly venomous disposition toward many who meet her. Her corruption began early on in the Second age when she murdered her husband, Ergothell, twisting her into a darker entity even after Sauron’s eventual defeat in the Third age. When she discovered the ways of necromancy she delved deeper into dark magics, developing a keen skill for it by the mid Second age. Most of her time thereafter, between then and the destruction of the One Ring, was spent practicing on her unfortunate descendants. Several years in wake of the Dark Lord’s fall she willingly takes on the mantle of evil, and makes for the Sea of Rhun, gathering allies of orc, haradrim, or fell blood along the way.